Interior Concrete


Floor staining, resurfacing and more

Interior concrete staining has become one of the most affordable flooring options that not only enhances your home but adds value when it comes time to sell.  Your concrete will remain beautiful long after carpet, linoleum and even hardwood floors.  You'll be sure to  get time back in your life and enjoy your easy to take care of custom designed flooring.  When it comes time to replace your flooring, designed concrete deserves to be a top option.  

Let your imagination run wild as we are able to create marbled and faux finished looks that will have your friends and family in awe.  Or if simple is better and  you are wanting a solid color concrete stain, we can do that too.  Click here to check out different color options.  

Exterior Concrete

Driveways, patios, pool decks and more

Create that personal touch to your exterior concrete and watch your neighbor's heads turn.  With endless options, we'll take that gray slab of concrete and turn it into a long lasting stunning piece of art.   

Stamped Concrete

No longer worry about bricks sinking or pulling weeds within every stone.  Engraved concrete allows you to get the look you want for your outdoor oasis.  


Commercial Concrete


Garages, show rooms and more

Why commercial?  First impressions are everything and what better way to make a positive impact with an appealing, clean and unique floor.  While your competitors are pulling up carpet squares or laying rugs over high traffic areas, you get to do what you do best and that is your business. 

We'll take those imperfections and make your floor visually striking with our highest quality, commercial grade epoxy floor coating.  


What types of designs are available?

Hundreds of designs are available & their is no limitation to what we can do.

How about custom design or logos?

We can construct a template for any pattern or size from a photograph, line drawing or custom idea.

Is engraving & staining expensive?

NO! It is cheaper than stamped concrete, and most cost effective than traditional tile floors. Please call for detailed pricing.

Will the engraving wear off?

NO! Since it is engraved into your concrete, it will last as long as your concrete does.

Can you add colors to the design?

YES! After the design is engraved into your concrete we can add color epoxy to fill the design. This is recommended for indoor projects as ultraviolet rays will fade outdoor color over time.

Are engraved address numbers expensive?

NO! When numbers are engraved simultaneously with your "custom engraved driveway or walkway" the cost is very inexpensive.
Stand-alone address signs are also offered. These free standing concrete pieces are stained the color of your choice and engraved with
your house number. Please call for detailed pricing.

How much does it cost?

The cost is determined by the size of the design. Templates are made from 0.500" thick HDBP dense plastic panels.

Can the templates be re-used?

YES! With the high quality materials used to create the templates, they can be used over and over again. Once you have the template
created, the cost of engraving the design again is substantially lower when you decide to re-use it in another area.

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