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Doing business since 2009, we have been transforming homes and businesses into works of art.  Your concrete is our canvas and our mission is simple; design a living space that meets your lifestyle.    

Our Process

Concrete Engraving

Concrete engraving is not a coating. It is engraved into existing concrete that permanently changes the color. The design is IN the concrete, not ON it. Designer Concrete uses the Engrave-A-Crete system, which consists of several combines processes that remodels concrete to produce a pleasing appearance. Briefly, a deep penetrating acrylic or chemical/acid stain is used to transform the color, then a permanent, precise deep pattern is engraved (cut) into the hard concrete with a patented engraver. Many designs, logos, and patterns are available including brick, circular brick, flagstone, cobblestone, decorative tile and more. Concrete engraving is a profitable investment, adding distinctive value and beauty to your home or business.

Acid Staining

Acid stain is not paint or coating agent. Rather it is a solution made with water, acid and inorganic salts with minerals already present in the concrete. The result of this reaction is color. The process occurs IN not ON top of the concrete. The acid stain produces uneven, translucent color effects like the shadings of natural stone and marble. The final color is dependent on the chemical composition and age of the concrete. No two jobs are ever alike, as each job is unique with it’s own properties and characteristics. Never expect acid to be uniform or have an even tone. You will get different reactions from slab to slab, and even on the job you may see different coloration patterns.

Concrete dyes

In addition to acid stains, we also offer concrete dyes in their portfolio of services. Like acid stains, dyes are translucent. But unlike acid stains, they don’t chemically react with concrete. Dyes can be used in conjunction with acid stains or all on their own. When used with acid stains, they can provide accent colors, color layering and depth. On their own, they can be layered for a variegated effect.

Custom Designed Engraving

The design patterns that can be engraved into exisitng concrete are virtually unlimited. We can engrave just about any design you desire, and if you have a
company logo, we can do that too!
The "personal touches" that can be engraved in your existing concrete patio, garage, basement floor, front porch or any concrete area are endless. Below are just a few examples:
• House numbers into your driveway or walkway
• A sports car in the garage floor
• A mascot in your sports room floor
• Your initials
• Grape vines in the wine cellar
• Dolphins in the pool deck
• A compass
• Musical instruments
• Flowers in the sun room
• Movie projector reels in the movie room

The possibilites are unlimited, use your imagination!

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